Cardio versus weights which one burns more fat & builds muscle?

If you are  reading this, you are interested in my perspective! I appreciate your interest and support. Let us go deeper into this topic. Consider these two scenarios. At the gym, one person is going through a 30 minute stepmill or elliptical machine workout at a moderate intensity. Across the gym, another person is doing a vigorous, fast-paced 15 minute kettlebell routine. This kettlebell exerciser is going as hard and fast as possible and taking minimal rest.

Both workouts will trigger a hormonal response and cause an oxygen deficit. Oxygen Deficit? Known as EPOC (Excess Post-workout Oxygen Consumption), this is what causes your metabolism to heighten and stay heightened for some time after your workout is over.  Think of it like pedaling a bike really fast; you continue to move even after you are done pedaling. You continue to burn calories after you are done working out.

The differences between the workouts is the kettlebell exerciser will produce a much more powerful response to and create a bigger oxygen deficit than workout 1. This means that their metabolism will be raised higher and longer than the person on the stepmill/elliptical. Also, the weight of the kettlebell will help build muscle!

Interestingly, the stepmill/elliptical exerciser will actually burn more calories during the workout. This is because the workout is twice as long. However, the kettlebell exerciser more calores AFTER the workout. The body needs more oxygen ( EPOC ) after the work out which requires more energy. The building of muscle will also take energy. So you end up burning more calories after your HIIT work out as well. This way of working out is becoming more popular. Many 30 minute or 1 hour group HIIT classes are popping up (Les Mill’s GRIT, Orange Theory and more)

I have spent a lot of time in the gym testing these theories out. I am in my most optimal shape when I am doing some type of HIIT (high intensity interval training) that include strength. I do my workouts in a hour. I spend less time at the gym and have better results. Try it! Consult me for fun, safe kettlebell exercises and HIIT workouts! I hope this gives you another prospective. Please comment below with any questions! See you in the gym or on the trail!

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