Leg work out with cardio



This work out will work your legs and bring your heart rate up.  I listen to my body for rest times.  I also move pretty quick from exercise to exercise when I need to stop and rest I did! Listen to your body and joints. Have fun and keep moving!

3 sets each of 1 and 2 paired  exercises

1) Balance lunges (1 leg on bench behind you 1 leg on floor in front )drop back knee down deep
2) Super set with jump rope

1) Single leg stiff leg while balancing on a 10 inch box and  pulling 1 arm cable row
2) Super set w seated Latt row I like this for movement around my spine

Barbell back squats light weight with good range of motion 3 sets then move to next  exercises.

1) Single leg leg press 10 reps each then finish w both legs 10 more reps
2) Super set w Single  leg extension  same reps as press then Cardio 1 min.  battle ropes

1) Leg curl seated machine
2)super set with abduction machine and then  more 1 min. battle ropes

1)Hold 45 lb plate with both hands shoulder height Plie squats 15R
2)Super set w Hip raises for glutes  w 45 lb plate lying on the ground wight in heels  20R straight up then isolate  each leg alternating squeezing each  glute 20R
Then Cardio interval box jumps or tire jumps 15 R
Stretching and foam roll.

Shari & Balance 2bfit

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