Let it snow with time for your self this holiday season!

Make time for you too this holiday season.

I enjoy the holidays with friends, family and smart choices in healthy nourishment.  The number one thing I do not skip on are my work outs. They are important now more than ever.  I don’t know about you but for me it can get a little crazy with all the errands. Shopping, taking kids where they need to be, grabbing something quick to put in my lunch box and holiday parties. It all goes so fast and before I know it there no time for me.  I have made an appoint over the last few years to fit in 20-60 minutes  of movement a day.  Try yoga, meditation, a fun class, HIIT work outs, walking,  or decompressing in a infa-red sauna .

Studies show there is more depression and drinking during this time of the year. Please make time for you! Giving your self-love will help your mind and body ease through the holidays with less stress and better food choices. Who doesn’t to ward off those extra pounds and stay in a routine?

Merry Christmas and a wonderful safe 2018 New Year!
Lots of love 
Shari & the girls



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