Simple Energizing Squats with breathing

Simple Energizing Squats.   Include squats in a simple 10 min workout, every day when you’re short for time. I am demonstrating a back squat with a barbell! Your  squat can vary with DB or no weight at all and at your desk. Match your breath with your movement of your squat. Start with an inhale through your nose at standing lower down as you exhale all your breath out at the bottom of your squat ( parallel quads to the floor or lower if  you have no back pain). No weight 20-25 reps, with weight I try to do 12 to 15 reps and 3 to 4 sets depending on what your personal goals are.  Have fun in your work outs!

squats(2) 8-17-14 Squats 9-17-14

Celebrate you and your love for feeling great

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