Fun quick work out

I did this work out yesterday! It was fun and quick.. I started with minimal energy then by the time I was finished I was pumped with a lot more than I started with.
Warm up’s fist and some down dog. I did each exercise with moderate weight!
Barbell bench press 10 Reps
Straight leg barbell deadlifts 20R
30 inch Box jumps 10R
• Lying leg raises on bench for ABBS 20R
repeat 4X
Front squats barbell worked on getting low in my squat 10-12R
3 part DB chest press on Swiss Ball 8,8,8 R
KB Swings 15R
Prone jack knife on swiss ball 15R
repeat 4X
DB chest flyes 15R
More leg lifts on bench 15R
Flying forearm pigeon 10R

Finished runners stretch and rolling back

Leave your questions and thoughts!


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