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Below I have attached a great article on 47 Thanksgiving left over ideas from Dr Axe! They are all healthy and yummy. Some recipes are easier then others,  I cant wait to try!

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Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving is all about family and friends, and being thankful for what we have. My favorite Thanksgiving memories were sitting around a big table with my family with a big delicious turkey that my mom had been roasting all day for our dinner. And I remember the days and days after Thanksgiving of eating those obligatory turkey sandwiches and boring leftovers.

Well, say goodbye to boring!

Banish the boring turkey blues with a few of my favorite healthy and note-worthy leftover turkey recipes from around the world! These flavorful and creative recipes will break up the traditional sandwich idea and make you thankful for turkey all over again.

Note: Many of the recipes below call for turkey stock. You may substitute with your favorite organic chicken stock or broth, or simply take the bones (after the majority of the meat has been picked off), place in large stockpot, with carrots, onions and celery, and cover with water. Bring to a hearty simmer, and then turn down and do a slow simmer for 3-4 hours. Here is a tip, your stock will become cloudy if you cook it at a boil; simmer gently for the best results. Strain and use the turkey stock, as desired.

IMPORTANT NOTE:I recommend using natural sweeteners like raw honey, real maple syrup or organic coconut palm sugar to get the most nutrients out of these recipes. Also eliminate conventional cows milk and use coconut milk, almond milk or organic grass-fed goat milk or cheese, replace table salt with sea salt, and replace canola and vegetable oil with coconut oil, olive oil or ghee. You’ll find these options as well as other healthy real food choices listed in my healing food shopping list (Click Here to Download my Healing Foods Shopping List)

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