WOD to jump start 2016

Try this fun workout I put together for a 45 min quick  in the gym high intensity workout!

Start with a 10 to 20 min. cardiovascular warm up (elliptical, Stepmill, walking or HIIT on treadmill).

warm up hips -Body weight squats hands behind head butt low 20 reps then barbell chest press no weight on bar.


3 exercises performed in a circuit minimal rest time 30 sec. or less.

Circuit 1

  1.  Drinking bird off a bench hold 1 25 or 35 lb plate in hand as same leg moving  15 reps
  2. Barbell bench press
  3. Power jump squats holding (2)  10 lb plates in hands ( no weight  1st set)

Circuit 2

  1. Incline Dunbell chest press 15 reps heavy
  2. Bulgarian split squats (back foot elevated on 10″box or foot on bench) hold (1) plate overhead
  3. Jumping split lunges holding (2) 10 lbs plates   (no weight first set)

Circuit 3

  1. Cable chest flys balancing or not
  2. 1 leg loaded pistol  3 reps
  3. Power jax holding (1) plate at chest level 10 reps hop up repeat 3X


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